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In a landmark fertility app study, researchers from Georgetown University found a 1% failure rate for "perfect use" and 5% rate for "typical use".

Think Equal. Build Smart. Innovate for Change. This is the theme for the 2019 International Women's Day on March 8.

We're hitting the road over the next couple of months to present our latest work and the soon-to-be-published results of the Dot contraceptive efficacy study. Don't miss these events!

There are so many women we could focus on for Women in Science Day, but in this post we’re highlighting ten women who upended life as we know it.

After being introduced in a pilot study in India by Georgetown University, CycleBeads has been making its mark as a family planning alternative to sterilization - the main form of birth control there. As an inexpensive, low-tech, yet effective method of birth control, CycleBeads has been helping address unmet need for...


We're featuring a few of our favorite highlights from the year!

This year we laid the groundwork to ensure that women all over the planet have access to the contraceptive options and fertility information they need. We are looking ahead to exciting things in 2019, but want to take a minute to re...

We love the holidays, we hate the holidays – or at least we dislike the stress that can come with them.

It is well known that stress affects our entire system from our emotions to our heart rate. Sometimes that’s ok. If you suddenly need to escape danger, a stress reaction is normal and helpful.  But when the stress bur...

What is the Dot Study? It's the first real-world efficacy study on a fertility app that adheres to established contraceptive efficacy study guidelines. The study was conducted by outside researchers from the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University with support from USAID. In case you missed it, m...

Happy World Contraception Day (September 26),

It’s a great day to focus on the importance of contraception and why we need to keep expanding access and options.  

Fertility apps have been BIG news lately. If you're following this space, you may have run across several news stories - both positive and negative. The medica...