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214 million women across the developing world lack access to contraception. Cycle Technologies is working to fix that. And when we do, those women help their families and communities become stronger.

For women who are trying to avoid pregnancy, this is a problem. Condoms and birth control pills have disappeared from legitimate drug stores and pharmacies. People have to resort to the black market where buying a pack of condoms costs $200 - several days of minimum wage pay, while the pill costs roughly a third of a...

Approximately 25% of women in the developing world have unmet contraceptive need. This means that a quarter of women who don't want to become pregnant, are not using a contraceptive method.  In many of these countries, there is limited access to healthcare or commodities and women are often concerned about the pote...

In case you missed it, the February 2018 CycleBeads Global Impact Report is now available. You may download the 2-pg .pdf report here.

See country highlights below. Please share! 

Cycle Technologies is a socially minded consumer product company based in Washington, D.C. The company creates Brilliantly...

But behind every single Cycle Technologies contraceptive product are four defining principles that make it more than just another period tracker or fertility app. Here’s what they are:

We think a lot about what it means for women to “be empowered” and this past year has been a great illustration of what happens when women start to use this power.

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Study Finds Dot™ App Highly Effective at Preventing Pregnancy


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