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Participants in the study are very diverse in terms of race, education, age, and relationship status. See an interesting blog post on the importance of diversity in a contraceptive efficacy study and more detail on the participants in the Dot study here.

Dot's new health alert feature empowers women with further insight into her menstrual cycle. Whether she is planning pregnancy or preventing pregnancy, the health alert will flag a potential problem if cycles become highly irregular.

Research has shown repeatedly that having access to a full range of contraceptive option - which includes hormonal, barrier, and fertility awareness methods - is the best way to ensure that women find a contraceptive option that they will use correctly and consistently over time.

Cycle Technologies recently held an event that showcased a series of ad campaigns to support the launch of the Dot Android app. The ads illustrate Dot's patent-pending family planning method and advanced technology.

Have an Android phone and want to earn a $200 gift card? Live in the Washington DC area? The Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University is preparing for an efficacy trial on Dot the app. They need help ensuring that all systems are "go" for the study and want your feedback. We hope you can help them out...

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Study Finds Dot™ App Highly Effective at Preventing Pregnancy


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