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Research has shown repeatedly that having access to a full range of contraceptive option - which includes hormonal, barrier, and fertility awareness methods - is the best way to ensure that women find a contraceptive option that they will use correctly and consistently over time.

Results have shown that this method is an effective solution to help meet family planning needs. It is included in the World Health Organization’s list of modern contraceptives and has been incorporated into health programs in over 60 countries. Read full post

Fertility awareness-based methods may be an ideal solution for women looking for a non-hormonal method of contraception, but are FABMs considered a modern form of birth control?

Mobile technology gives us the ability to address contraceptive needs of millions of women worldwide. Through their mobile devices, women everywhere can access free, effective, easy to use fertility apps like Dot, CycleBeads, and 2Day Method

If we truly want to address the needs of +214 million women worldwide w...

According to the World Health Organization's Family Planning and Contraception Fact Sheet there are many reasons why promoting family planning improves future outcomes for women, their families, and their communities. Investing in family planning provides a virtuous "pay it forward" effect by helping to reduce and/or p...

Have you ever wondered who uses fertility awareness-based methods as contraception? The infographic below gives an interesting snapshot of who uses natural family planning methods in the United States.

1. One in five women have used a natural family planning method to prevent pregnancy. That means 20% of all women in th...

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Study Finds Dot™ App Highly Effective at Preventing Pregnancy


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