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Fertility awareness methods have come a long way in the last few decades and many of them have been well tested and found to be effective in both perfect and typical use. These methods rely on a woman tracking certain fertility indicators, such as her period, basal body temperature and/or secretions. And with advances...

Cycle Technologies June Newsletter features news report on Dot Fertility & Period Tracker. Analytics from over 50,000 active users of Dot™ show that Android users in the U.S. are more likely to use the app to plan pregnancy. (read more)

Fertility awareness-based methods may be an ideal solution for women looking for a non-hormonal method of contraception, but are FABMs considered a modern form of birth control?

It's National Condom Week! And we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some thoughts on "condom embarrassment".  Yes - it’s an actual thing with research behind it. 

Condom embarrassment refers to people’s embarrassment around purchasing, using, disposing of, and storing condoms, with purchasing being th...

Having worked with natural birth control methods for the past fourteen years, we know that besides being viable, effective methods, they appeal to eco-conscientious people and people concerned about which substances they put in their bodies. And as one thing leads to another (*ahem*), other products associated with our...

Women in India can now prevent pregnancy without side effects using a free smartphone app called CycleBeads®. Read more...

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Study Finds Dot™ App Highly Effective at Preventing Pregnancy


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