Our Global Health Commitment

We’re dedicated to addressing unmet contraceptive need, reducing unplanned pregnancies, and helping people have the families they want, when they are ready. To do this, we must be revolutionary in our approach, and relentless in our efforts. We’re not stopping until every woman has access to contraceptive options that will work for her. 


 Our Global Health Pledge 

Through our Solutions for Unmet Need in Family Planning (SUN-FP) program, we will provide +10 million women with innovative, fertility awareness-based solutions at no cost to them by 2020. It's our global health pledge and our way of addressing the contraceptive needs of women everywhere with free, proven family planning options.  


Using technology, outreach, and education, we can reach our goal of expanding contraception to 10 million women by 2020, and helping those who are most at risk for unplanned pregnancies.

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Solutions for Unmet Need in Family Planning

Using the latest advancements in science and technology, our modern, fertility awareness-based family planning solutions are widely accessible to women worldwide. Innovations include CycleBeads®, Dot™, and 2Day Method™.


To date, these technologies have helped meet the contraceptive needs of more than 6 million women around the world, including millions of women in the areas with the most unmet contraceptive need. 

Can Fertility Awareness-Based Methods Help Meet Women’s Contraceptive Needs? 

YES! Fertility awareness methods, and specifically well researched, proven, easy to use methods, can have a huge impact in addressing the needs of the millions of women worldwide who are at risk for pregnancy, yet are not using a modern contraceptive method.

Fertility awareness methods address the #1 reason women cite for not using contraception - side-effects.  


They also expand the method mix, work in a variety of cultural contexts, and can be accessed by women for free, directly through their mobile devices. Effective, easy to use fertility awareness methods can go a long way towards addressing unmet contraceptive need.

A Snapshot of a Global Health Crisis By the Numbers...


women worldwide have an unmet need for contraception 


unintended pregnancies occur each year

95% of all 

unintended pregnancies occurred to women not using contraception


#1 reason women cite for not using contraception 

Recent impact studies indicate that offering these contraceptive options via mobile technology has the potential to be a game changer.  Research conducted by the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University in Kenya, Ghana, and India, on Cycle Technologies’ mobile application - CycleBeads - show that this contraceptive app can bring new users to family planning, reaches women who are at risk for pregnancy, and can be offered cost efficiently to a massive number of women through a smartphone device. 



Effective, easy to use fertility awareness methods can be accessed through mobile devices as well as physical products and can address many of the reasons for unmet contraceptive need: concerns about side effects, access, cost, understanding fertility risk, and cultural barriers.  However, like other contraceptive methods, they must be fully supported with research, education, and ongoing support, in order to make a difference.



We will continue to develop tools and technologies that support the use of these methods, work with researchers to ensure that these methods and technologies are effective and impactful, educate women and their communities about these methods, and support women who choose to use them.

Key Objectives

  1. Distribute free app-based fertility awareness options to +10 million women worldwide by the year 2020 with a particular focus on those areas with the highest unmet contraceptive need.

  2. Complete a comprehensive efficacy study of an app-based family planning method by September 2018.

  3. Conduct impact research to measure how free, app-based fertility awareness options are addressing unmet contraceptive need. 

  4. Provide physical CycleBeads to qualified programs at the lowest possible price. Specifically, work through existing health programs to distribute 500,000 sets of CycleBeads annually to women in low resource settings with unmet contraceptive need between 2017 and 2020.


Regardless of your background, gender or area of expertise, humanity needs more agents for change when it comes to women's health. We all have an opportunity to work collaboratively to help ensure that the 214 million women around the world have the tools necessary to put them in charge of their reproductive lives - safely, simply, and sustainably."  - Leslie Heyer


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