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CycleBeads Android App Launches Initiative in India - Provides Women with a Complete Family Planning

WASHINGTON, DC, May 4, 2016 – Women in India can now prevent pregnancy without side effects using a free smartphone app called CycleBeads®. The CycleBeads Android app is the only period tracker designed for pregnancy prevention as well as planning. Based on research insights, the app has recently been improved to better meet the needs of Indian women and is now available in Hindi.

"This type of modern contraceptive method can help address a huge unmet family planning need for women here. We want to understand how women find out about it, their interest, and ongoing use," says Ramya Kancharla, IRH Country Manager, in New Delhi.” (See Press Release here)

#cyclebeadsimpact #familyplanningIndia #SUNFP #globalhealth #naturalbirthcontrol

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