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Would You Use a Fertility Tracker To Prevent Pregnancy?

Lab 42 survey results - Fertility app use - image: Cycle Technologies

A new survey conducted by Lab 42 asked women between the ages of 18-39 the following question:

"If you knew it would work, would you use a fertility tracker to avoid pregnancy?"

The answer - over 2/3 of women in the U.S. said "YES" - they would use a fertility tracker to avoid pregnancy if they knew it would work.

Lab 42 Survey Results: Women were surveyed to find out if they would like to use a fertility app to avoid pregnancy. Image: Cycle Technologies

This is great news to us! Stay tuned for *news on upcoming research!

*Post update MAR2017: New efficacy study on Dot Fertility & Period Tracker conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center's Institute for Reproductive Health and supported by USAID. Revolutionary Study Puts App-Only Birth Control to the Test by Janet Burns, Forbes

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