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NEWS RELEASE: Birth Control App Separates from Period-Tracker Field

Summary: Android Version of the Scientifically Based Dot™ App Empowers Users to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy by Simply Tracking their Period Start Dates

Washington, D.C. - Today Cycle Technologies announced the release of the Dot™ app for Android. The app uses a patent-pending technology called Dynamic Optimal Timing™ (DOT™) to accurately identify a woman’s pregnancy risk each day of her cycle by simply tracking her period dates.

“There are hundreds of period-tracker apps in the marketplace,” said Leslie Heyer, President and Founder of Cycle Technologies. “Dot™ is unique because it gives users accurate and reliable fertility information that they can use to effectively plan or prevent pregnancy.”

Most apps in the marketplace calculate a woman’s fertile days based on her average cycle lengths and can only be used for tracking. Dot™ uses cutting edge science and advanced statistics to accurately and personally predict the fertile period of a woman’s menstrual cycle, providing her with information that she can use to plan – or prevent - pregnancy. The advanced algorithm that powers Dot™ calculates a woman’s individual pregnancy risks on a daily basis. Dot also recognizes that women’s cycles can vary significantly and can be used by most women with cycles from 20 – 40 days.

“Dot makes planning or preventing pregnancy easy and accessible - all users need is their period start dates and a smartphone,” said Heyer.

(Pictured) Dot Fertility & Period Tracker App identifies pregnancy risks each day of a woman’s cycle by simply tracking her period start dates. Image: Cycle Technologies

A new survey conducted by Lab 42 indicates that 2/3 of women in the U.S. say they would use a fertility tracker if they knew it would work.

Soon after the release of the Android version of the app, Georgetown University Medical Center’s Institute for Reproductive Health will launch a first of its kind study to evaluate the efficacy of Dot™.

Download the Android version of Dot™ here. Download the iOS version of Dot™ here.

For more information about Dynamic Optimal Timing visit www.DotTheApp.com


Cycle Technologies is a social impact company focused on women’s health. The company’s mission is to prevent unplanned pregnancies and help people have the families that they want when they are ready. Founded in 2002, Cycle Technologies products are available in over 60 countries and apps are available to anyone in the world with a smartphone. Learn more at www.CycleTechnologies.com

Dynamic Optimal Timing (DOT) is a new family planning method. Developed in collaboration with global health experts, this patent-pending technology calculates an individual’s personalized daily risk or chance of pregnancy simply by tracking their period start dates. Delivered through a smartphone app, Dot gives women actionable information that empowers them to effectively plan - or prevent - pregnancy. For more information, visit www.DotTheApp.com

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