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Fertility Awareness Use in America

Who uses fertility awareness in America? graphics by Cycle Technologies

Have you ever wondered who uses fertility awareness-based methods as contraception? The infographic below gives an interesting snapshot of who uses natural family planning methods in the United States.

1. One in five women have used a natural family planning method to prevent pregnancy. That means 20% of all women in the U.S. have tried a fertility awareness method at some point in their lives.

2. The more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to have used a fertility awareness-based method. A whopping 40% of women who earned a master's degree or higher have used a natural family planning option as contraception. 70% of these women have tried a calendar-based method like the Standard Days Method® or Dynamic Optimal Timing™, and 30% have tried a symptoms-based method like the Symptothermal Method.

3. Concern about side effects is the #1 reason that women cite for seeking a natural birth control option.

Fertility awareness-based methods are often misunderstood or overlooked even by the medical community. But women, and especially educated women, are using them because modern fertility awareness-based methods of family planning are effective, free of side effects and they can be used both to plan and prevent pregnancies.

Together, we can ALL make a significant impact by raising awareness that women need a full range of contraceptive options - including ones that are non-hormonal and don't cause side effects.

To download a .pdf version of the infographic below, please click here.

Fertility Awareness use in America Infographic

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