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Newsletter: March/April


We're really proud of the impact that our work is having around the world. In this month's newsletter we're sharing news on recent research on our mobile apps, product improvements, and articles on how mobile technology could address the global health crisis of unplanned pregnancies.


Leslie Heyer

CycleBeads Global Impact Update:

Recent work in Ghana, Kenya, and India shows that the CycleBeads Android app is making a difference! Click on an image to see the latest for a specific country. You can also visit the CycleBeads blog post here to view the progress update reports.

CycleBeads Global Impact: Ghana
CycleBeads Global Impact: Kenya
CycleBeads Global Impact: India

Dot Fertility & Tracker App Update:

Dot Fertility & Period Tracker Free Features Alert

Two features are now available to all users! The features include TAKING NOTES to track symptoms, moods, etc., and DATA BACK UP. If you haven't already done so, download today (Dot iOS or Dot Android).

Dot's Efficacy Study Continues:

Cycle Technologies In the News

The Dot study is the first ever full-scale contraceptive app efficacy study. It's being conducted by researchers at Georgetown University's Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) with support from USAID. If you haven't done so already, take a look at Janet Burns' news story on the study published in Forbes, A Revolutionary Study Puts App-Only Birth Control To The Test.

News Highlights:

Recent press coverage on our work and the importance of addressing unmet contraceptive need with innovative solutions includes articles in Newsweek, Humanosphere, ReproJustice as well as a guest appearance on CheddarTV! For an archived list of other press coverage, please visit our media room here.

Fertility apps: The ‘next wave’ in solving global family planning crisis
Cycle Technologies Founder, Leslie Heyer on Cheddar Live

Cycle Technologies Presents at Unite for Sight's Global Health & Innovation Conference

Cycle Technologies Presents at Unite for Sight's Global Health & Innovation Conference

We recently had the opportunity to present at Unite for Sight's Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University, April 22-23. Our presentation was on the Dot Efficacy Study, and how this innovative, contraceptive efficacy study is advancing the science to meet contraceptive need. We discussed the importance of efficacy testing in today's mobile health market and particularly among fertility apps. If you would like to see a copy of the presentation in its entirety, please drop us a line at info@cycletechnologies.com. We'd be happy to send you a link to the entire presentation.

Upcoming Events:

  • Washington, DC | May 3. Fertility Awareness Based Methods at Georgetown Medical School with Dr. Duane - Panel discussions to take place on FABM with Georgetown University Medical Students.

  • New York | May 18. Global Health Council's Maternal & Newborn Health Symposium - Opportunities for prioritizing and investing in evidence-based cost-effective interventions that improve the health of women and newborns and promote economic development, creating more prosperous societies.

  • Global | May 28. Menstrual Hygiene Day - MH Day raises awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide face due to their menstruation and highlights solutions that address these challenges, including through media work.​

Until next time! Pay it forward and pass it on!

Cycle Technologies is a social impact company focused on women's health. Our mission is to prevent unplanned pregnancies and help people have the families they want when they are ready. Products include CycleBeads®, TwoDay™, and Dot™. Connect with us anytime! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or drop us a line at Info@CycleTechnologies.com.

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