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Newsletter: May/June

Cycle Technologies June Newsletter


This has been an interesting month at Cycle Technologies as we had the chance to take a step back and think about the future of contraception and how our work fits in. What will the world look like in 20 years? What do women really want in their contraceptive options? And how can we work towards developing truly innovative solutions that address women's needs? We don't have all the answers, but we think we're on the right track with our current work - using the latest in research, data and technology to offer women effective, simple fertility awareness options. Check out some of our recent work.


Leslie Heyer

Period Tracking as a Powerful, Empowering Tool

Period power is more than menstrual products and menstrual diaries to manage Aunt Flo. A woman’s period gives her critical information about her fertility. And when women have control over their reproductive health, they can change the world. We’re celebrating this power in this new super short video for the Dot app – which uses a patent pending approach to give women critical information about their conception risks so they can prevent or plan pregnancy.

Dot Contraceptive App Efficacy Study Update

Dot Study Newsletter Photo Courtesy of IRH

The Dot Fertility & Period Tracker app is undergoing the first ever prospective contraceptive efficacy study on a fertility app. Check out some of the interesting information that the researchers have highlighted so far: http://www.dotstudy.org/study-newsletter

A Few Updates Have Been Made to Dot

Dot Fertility & Period Tracker updates and How to Enter Period End Dates

What’s new in Dot iOS?

New icons in the Today view and easy access to the cycle history page making it easier to add period end dates for those who want to track their cycle lengths. To see it in action, watch this short tutorial. Or just update your Dot iPhone app and check it out. A similar Android update will be coming soon.

What’s new in Dot Android?

Most of the recent work on the Dot Android app has centered on making it easier for eligible users to enter the Dot efficacy study. We plan to have more app updates for all users in the months ahead.

In the News

Cycle Technologies Presents at Unite for Sight's Global Health & Innovation Conference

A Significant Difference in How Android versus iOS Device Owners Use Mobile Fertility Apps

Analytics from over 50,000 active users of Dot™ show that Android users in the U.S. are more likely to use the app to plan pregnancy. Conversely, iOS users are more likely to use Dot to prevent pregnancy. Equal percentages of Android and iOS users rely on Dot to track their cycles. Check out the full announcement here: tinyurl.com/DotUSData

Leslie Heyer sits down with Forbes contributor Devin Thorpe on Your Mark on the World show

Forbes Contributor & Social Good Champion, Devin Thorpe, hosted CT's Leslie Heyer on his "Your Mark on the World" show

We're grateful that we had a chance to chat with Devin about our work and be a part of this program which is working hard to highlight social entrepreneurs around the world. In case you missed the show segment or Forbes article, you can check them here: Forbes, YouTube, and via Podcast.

Designing Contraception for the Future

Cycle Technologies attends Family Planning Summit in Kenya with FHI360 and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We were recently invited to participate in a family planning summit in Kenya with FHI360 and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Thought-leaders, inventors, health providers, designers, and global health experts brainstormed ideas for developing innovative contraception for the future. It was a truly inspiring event.

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Cycle Technologies is a social impact company focused on women's health. Our mission is to prevent unplanned pregnancies and help people have the families they want when they are ready. Products include CycleBeads®, TwoDay™, and Dot™. Connect with us anytime! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or drop us a line at Info@CycleTechnologies.com.

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