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Happy World Contraception Day! Exciting News from CTHQ in September's Newsletter!

Cycle Technologies' Newsletter Celebrates World Contraception Day


Happy World Contraception Day! We're proud of our work to make effective contraceptive options available to women globally. Check out our recent commitment to FP2020 to get effective contraception into the hands of +10 million users by 2020. And see more on how we're constantly working to make simple, fertility awareness methods effective and accessible. Ever wondered why we're so focused on period tracking? Check out the article on period tracking and wonder no more.


Leslie Heyer

CT Participates at the Family Planning Summit and Joins FP2020 with Family Planning Pledge

A commitment to Women's Global Health - A commitment to Reach FP2020 Goals

CT joined hundreds of policy makers, donors, and global health advocates in London at the 2017 Family Planning Summit. We were honored to participate and talk with world leaders about how to better meet the contraceptive needs of women worldwide. CT announced a pledge to Family Planning 2020 (FP2020). We're committed to providing free effective contraception to 10+ million women by 2020. This is a team effort and we appreciate your continued feedback. If you'd like to join our efforts in expanding contraceptive access and/or in our pledge efforts, drop us a line at info@cycletechnologies.com or visit our global health commitment web page here. To learn more about CT's official FP2020 pledge commitment, see our news release here.

What Your Aunt Flo Can Tell You About Your Period

Benefits of Period Tracking You May Not Know (Until Now)

Roughly half the population “bleeds”. It’s no wonder that period tracking technology has gained such popularity recently. The benefits of tracking your period are significant. But knowing when Aunt Flo is scheduled to arrive is just one of them. CT's Director of Health Education, Ann Mullen, shares the top 3 top reasons why women should track their menstrual cycle:

1. Period Tracking can help you gain insights into your menstrual cycle's characteristics.. 2. Period Tracking can help you determine what is normal FOR YOU. 3. Period Tracking is a way to prevent pregnancy, if you use proven methods like CycleBeads® and Dynamic Optimal Timing™ (DOT).

Interested in learning more? Read the full article, What Your Aunt Flo Can Tell You: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Period NOW.

Dot Efficacy Study Update

Dot Efficacy Study recruitment phase of Cycle Technologies Dot Period Fertility Tracker

The study has completed recruitment and researchers report having collected over 1300 cycles to date. The study will be completed in mid-2018 as the study participants are followed for 13 cycles. In the meantime, we encourage all Dot app users to continue sending us feedback on ways to improve the app in general. Suggestions can be sent to Hello@DotTheApp.com

Product Updates: In Case You Missed It

What’s new in Dot iOS?

New icons in the Today view including access to the cycle history page make it easier to add period end dates for those who want to track their period lengths. To see it in action, watch this short tutorial. A similar Android update will be coming soon.

What’s new in Dot Android?

Most of the recent work on the Dot Android app has centered on making it easier for eligible users to enter the Dot efficacy study. We plan to have more app updates for all users in the months ahead.

CycleBeads App Updates

CycleBeads Global Impact - CycleBeads App Translated in Arabic

Great news! The CycleBeads Android app is now available in Arabic! Women in Jordan and Egypt (where we’ve been doing outreach) have been downloading the app like crazy. In the past year, work in a range of countries have shown that the CycleBeads app brings new users to family planning, and reaches many women in a range of contexts who were not using contraception prior. More information on this work is coming soon!

Press Room Highlight Reel

Best Fertility Apps List 2017 from HealthLine

In case missed it, check out a few of the featured news stories that highlight Cycle Technologies and our work.

- Mashable: Android users want to get pregnant, iPhone users avoid it, fertility app study shows

- HealthLine: names Dot Period & Fertility Tracker in Best Fertility Apps of the Year

- Nicole Paulus of ReproJustice reviews Dot Period & Fertility Tracker

- Jessica Nazrini of TechSesh meets Cycle Technologies Founder, Leslie Heyer, to discuss CycleBeads and Dot Period & Fertility Tracker

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That's a Wrap! Pay it forward and pass it on!

Cycle Technologies is a social impact company focused on women's health. Our mission is to prevent unintended pregnancies and help people have the families they want when they are ready. Products include CycleBeads®, TwoDay™, and Dot™ and are used by millions of women worldwide and implemented in more than 60 countries as part of their health programs. Connect with us anytime! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or drop us a line at Info@CycleTechnologies.com.

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