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NEWS RELEASE: CT Launches CycleBeads App in Spanish to Address Rising Unmet Need for Family Planning

The Spanish translated CycleBeads app recently launched by Cycle Technologies will help address rising unmet need for family planning.

Company expects the CycleBeads app will bring new users to family planning in Latin America and help fill gaps where contraceptive access is limited.

WASHINGTON, January 26, 2018 - CycleBeads®, a scientifically based fertility app, is now available in Spanish on both iOS and Android phones. Developed by Cycle Technologies, the CycleBeads app is a patented technology based on the Standard Days Method® of family planning. It has been tested in numerous settings and found to be highly effective at preventing pregnancy. It can also be used to plan pregnancy or as a period tracker.

“We are excited to launch the CycleBeads app in Spanish”, said Cycle Technologies Founder Leslie Heyer. “We know there is demand for a family planning option like this in Latin America, where concern about side effects is one of the primary reasons women cite for not using contraception. We are also very interested in helping address the huge contraceptive crisis that is occurring in Venezuela by providing women there with an effective option that they can access for free through their mobile device.”

CycleBeads works by tracking a user’s menstrual cycles, ensuring that her cycles are in range for using the method, and identifying which days are potentially fertile and which days are not. The method on which CycleBeads is based has been found to be +95% effective in perfect use, and 88% effective in typical use.

A physical CycleBeads product known as “Collar del Ciclo®” has been used widely in Latin America since 2002, but the CycleBeads app is only now available in Spanish on Android as well as iPhone. The app is also available in English (iOS & Android) as well as French, Hindi, Arabic, and Turkish (Android).

“We expect that making the CycleBeads app available in Spanish will bring new users to family planning in Latin America as we’ve seen in other regions,” said Heyer. “Women who download the app can use it to manage their fertility from day one.”

Download the Android version of CycleBeads in Spanish here. Download the iOS version of CycleBeads in Spanish here.

Cycle Technologies is a socially minded consumer product company based in Washington, D.C. The company creates Brilliantly Simple™ solutions to address global health needs. Since 2002 the company has worked with researchers, healthcare partners, and technologists to identify, develop, and make available leading edge ideas that fit its mission. To see more about the company’s initiatives, visit http://www.CycleTechnologies.com

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