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Our Favorite Health Resolutions for 2018

caring for ourselves empowers women

For many of us, finding balance in a chaotic, stressful world can be a challenge. We often put other people’s needs before our own. We get overwhelmed by work, or the daily headlines.

To make sure we can do our best work whether that’s changing the world or taking care of our families…or both, we have to first care for our own well-being.

At Cycle Technologies, our daily work involves helping women take care of their reproductive health. We talk a lot about periods and preventing pregnancy and getting pregnant and how to help women be in charge of their bodies.

So much of empowering women to take charge of their reproductive health goes back to helping them take charge of their basic health.

And it’s something we have to think about for ourselves. How to stay strong, so we can be strong for our work, our families, and each other.

Here’s what we’re doing in 2018 to take care of ourselves:

Asking ourselves, “What’s the benefit?” when making a decision.

We know those carrots are much better than that brownie. But knowledge doesn’t make it easier. This year, we’re reminding ourselves of the reward when it comes to those choices.

Not saying splurges are bad or that every choice we make has a distinct right option; just saying we’re reminding ourselves of the benefits when we make choices.

Respecting how much we need sleep.

Another episode of “Stranger Things”? Or an extra hour of shut-eye? The grownup decision is pretty obvious. But so hard in the moment.

When we get that full eight hours or close to it, research shows mornings are easier, we eat less, and we’re more productive.

Again, when we keep in mind the benefits of getting those extra winks, we’re hoping it helps us turn off our devices and go to bed.

Empowering ourselves to stop with the excuses already.

Inertia happens every time we think about going to the gym. “But my couch feels so good.” “But it’s raining.” “But I look ridiculous doing down dog.”

In 2018, we’re empowering ourselves to stop making excuses and start telling ourselves how our story is going to go. And it’s going to start in the gym.

Helping other women get in the know about period health.

A modern woman can expect about 450 periods in her life. That’s 12 periods a year for 30 to 40 years.

If we spend that much time menstruating, you would think we would take a bigger interest in what’s going on in our bodies and how to make menstruation less of a painful (and in some cultures, shameful) time.

At Cycle Technologies, we spend a lot of time thinking about periods. In 2018, we want to help even more women understand and embrace their menstruation and use it to empower them to take charge of their reproductive health.

No more guilt over stopping to breathe (and getting a massage while we’re at it).

Speaking of self care, this is where it gets good. Because there are the self care things we know we SHOULD do, like workout, sleep, eat right. And then there are the self care things that really feel like pampering.

For you, it could be a weekly mani-pedi. Another woman may be all about that massage. And another could be really into weekly coffee dates with a good book. Whatever it is, find your thing and do it.

Giving ourselves grace.

We can be pretty hard on ourselves. We want to change the world today. And in our daily lives, we want to always do the best possible job of being good friends, mothers, partners, etc. We’re all imperfect humans. We make mistakes. We live real lives. And that’s exactly as it should be.

When your life isn’t perfect, give yourself grace. Grace to be you. Grace to be imperfect. Grace to know that you are beautiful. And grace to know that even tiny steps can make a huge impact.

What are you doing this year to empower your health?

Cycle Technologies is a socially minded consumer product company based in Washington, D.C. The company creates Brilliantly Simple™ solutions to address global health needs. Since 2002 the company has worked with researchers, healthcare partners, and technologists to identify, develop, and make available leading edge ideas that fit its mission. To see more about the company’s initiatives, visit http://www.CycleTechnologies.com

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