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One Year In: The Dot App Efficacy Study

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Just over a year ago, researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University launched the first prospective efficacy study on a fertility app that adheres to the strict guidelines for conducting a contraceptive efficacy study.

We are proud that they chose the Dot fertility app to do this research. It will allow users and health providers to compare the Dot app to other forms of contraception such as the Pill or condoms.

Since the study launch, over 700 Dot users have agreed to participate in this study (the recruitment period is now closed). These women are being followed for 13 cycles. Since the study launched in February 2017, many of the participants are now completing the study and almost all of them have reached the 6 month mark.

The study will be complete by September 2018, but in the meantime the researchers are poring over the data. Here are some of the highlights:

1) Participants in the study are very diverse in terms of race, education, age, and relationship status. See an interesting blog post on the importance of diversity in a contraceptive efficacy study and more detail on the participants in the Dot study here.

2) Over 4,500 cycles have been tracked so far with most users entering the majority of their daily data and the key surveys.

3) Approximately 95% of study participants say that preventing pregnancy is "important" or "very important" to them.

For more information about the Dot contraceptive efficacy study or on Dot itself, check out some of these resources:

Most recent Dot study update.

Published article in peer-reviewed journal on the Dot study protocol.

Published article in peer-reviewed journal on the technology and data science that powers Dot.

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