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DOT STUDY: Interim Results of the Dot Contraceptive Efficacy Study Now Published

Dot Fertility Contraceptive Efficacy Mid-Study Results

What is the Dot Study? It's the first real-world efficacy study on a fertility app that adheres to established contraceptive efficacy study guidelines. The study was conducted by outside researchers from the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University with support from USAID. In case you missed it, mid-study results are available in the journal, Contraception.

In these early results, Dot’s efficacy is very high in both perfect and typical use. Dot’s typical use failure rate was 3.5% for women 18-39, and no pregnancies occurred in cycles where users reported using the app correctly – either using a condom or avoiding sex on days Dot identified as “high risk”.

To learn more about the Dot Study, click here or see the published mid-study results here. Do you have a question for the researchers? Head over to CT's YouTube channel and listen to a Q&A interview with the Dot Study research team and Cycle Technologies.

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